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Thursday, September 06, 2007
MOVED and Changes

I haven't even had a chance to post the notice here - but we are FINALLY settled in in Lufkin now - I have closed Donna Quarles Photography and gone into a partnership with a photographer here. We are now Studio 220 Photography. You can keep up with us at www.studio220photo.blogspot.com.

For those who may still have some outstanding orders or questions, please contact me at studio220photography@gmail.com or call me at 936.699.2012. We have been extremely busy and chaotic though, so it may take a few days for me to get back with you, but please be patient. It has been a very hard transition.... I will try to get back with our monthly newsletters ASAP and we are trying to merge our websites soon as well.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007
Mothers & Daughters

This was my first session with a mother and grown daughter. I really didn't have a vision up front for it, but I got there and we waited for the rain to go away and I just loved watching them with each other. Kiera and Crystal really seemed to have a great relationship and friendship.

These are some of my favorites and I hope they can look back on these in 20 years and remember how much fun it was :)

I would love to do more of this type of session so anyone interested, contact me and I have a special deal just for you.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007
E & A

These cuties came in for Miss E's 6 month portraits. But big brother was so cute we had to get some shots with him too. Mom said E doesn't smile much, and she WAS a very serious baby, but we managed to get a few smiles from her :) But with curls like this, who needs the smile to be cute??

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The Jackson Family

They came down from Hillsboro to visit their family and have their portraits made. The boys were cracking me up, their personalities are so much like my own daughters and they are the same ages, so I could totally relate to them :) Both boys had their own settings and poses in mind already and were full of suggestions. Carter, the younger one, though he is full of smiles, really wanted some serious looks in the posing. So this first one is just for him ("I want everybody to look serious!")

And mom's style meshes with mine, we are both suckers for backwards shots of our kids . .. .

Here's Carter & Cole:

And some little friends we saw at the pond . . . too bad we didn't have any food for them.

Just a Reminder

We are currently in the process of moving from Angleton to Lufkin - I am pretty much out of pocket and unreachable for the next two-three weeks. So don't think I have abandoned you.
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Thursday, May 31, 2007
The Collins Family

This was a very special session to me. Stacey was one of my childhood friends, we basically grew up together from 2nd grade thru my 9th grade year, cheered thru junior high together, went to church together. After years of losing touch of each other, we finally got back in touch and now I had the privilege of photographing her family. Luke is still at the age where he wasn't too thrilled with the idea :) But I think we still got some cute stuff. Real stuff.

Stacey & Chuck - it was SO great hanging out with you guys again. I look forward to my move back to Lufkin and hope we can hang out more when you come to visit!

Here's Rowan & Luke.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Final Sale for Angleton Studio

We are preparing for our new move. Anyone who would like to purchase a cd of their sessions - we are offering cd's of your sessions (if they are still archived)! This applies to any sessions taken prior to January 2007. Sessions taken between January and now are available, but for a different price.

Contact the studio by May 31 - 979.848.8400 or email info@donnaquarles.com. Reprints may not be available after our move.

And a huge hug and thanks to all my clients who have been so sweet and said such kind words about me and my family. We really had no clue what kind of impact we've made or how many friends we've made here. I start crying every time someone starts talking about it. I'm so going to miss every one of you - even those who are mad at me for leaving ;) LOL

Thanks for making our 7 years living here and the 4 years of my business the best ever!
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Sunday, May 20, 2007
I got the keys!

Well, I went to Lufkin Friday and signed for my new studio. I have the keys in hand now. Lots of work needs to be done. But it's going to be fabulous! It's located at 109 E. Shepherd downtown. Next to the old bus station. For those in Lufkin ready to book appointments, my phone number is 936.465.9679 - this number will still ring at the Angleton office for now. And in the future the Angleton number will still reach me in Lufkin. So all you current clients, nothing will change about how you reach me :)

AND I've decided to keep my business name the same - Donna Quarles Photography.

Here's a BEFORE pic of the outside of the studio.

I'll post pics through out our change and I can't wait to see the finished product! My girls and I walked around downtown all day Friday just looking at backgrounds and great photo opp areas. Lufkin is full of them! It's so different to view it thru a photographers eye than they way I saw it for all the years I actually lived there.

And a HUGE Thank You and hug to all the Angleton area 2008 & 2009 seniors who have emailed me to tell me they plan to drive to my studio there. I can't wait!
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Sunday, May 13, 2007
Trash the Dress - Before the Wedding

First I have to say a HUGE thank you and I love you to Amber for allowing me to post these before the wedding. ... I am SO going to miss you girl :) Amber was one of my husbands students our first year here in Angleton. Now she is a teacher there too, and has quickly become one of my best friends. She is one of the toughest things about moving, we both hate to leave her here :)

But since I am moving to Lufkin/Nacogdoches and we did her bridal portraits there, she said I had to post pics from there.

There's a new trend going around called Trash the Dress. Brides spend so much money on their beautiful dresses that they will wear one, maybe two days, but the whole time they are worried about getting it dirty so their portraits are "safe & clean" Well why not schedule a session AFTER the wedding and get awesome portraits in your beautiful dress without the worry of messing it up, after all when are you going to wear it again?

Amber let me do whatever I wanted BEFORE her wedding. She climbed up a rusty fire escape, walked thru a forest, and . . . . well I will save one surprise location and pic for their wedding day, but he will LOVE it.

It was so refreshing to go to a new place and find cool spots for her. And what a trooper! We really got some great stuff.

I love you girl!

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Wedding Season is Upon Us!

With the crazy senior season almost behind us, wedding season is getting into high gear now. I don't always make time to blog my weddings so I'm going to try to catch up in the next few days giving some sneak peeks to our couples and their guests. Our turnaround time for proofing should be shorter now.

And for those who have called and asked, yes we are moving back to Lufkin. And yes we will still book weddings in the Houston/Angleton area. So if you have been considering using us for you wedding but are concerned because we are moving - YES we still would love to help you!

Here are some shots from Becki & Bryan's wedding. This couple was SO great to work with, one of the most laid back easy going couples. And to their parents - thanks for making our job so easy :) I'll post some more later, these were just the ones that caught my eye from the moment I snapped the shutter....

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